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Get ahead of the curve and be the first to add carbon management to your capabilities. Give users the power to
manage and offset emissions, see their numbers in real time, and easily meet compliance requirements.

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Help companies stay compliant

With increasing regulatory and stakeholder demand for emission transparency, companies require a simple way to manage emissions. Offer your users the ability to map their carbon footprint in minutes and automatically create audit-ready reports.

Eliminate the costs of manual reporting

  • Hours wasted on spreadsheets.
  • Mistakes that throw off calculations and put the company at risk of fines.
  • Ever-changing compliance requirements that have companies playing catchup.

You can save your users from them all – and give them the actionable insights they need to manage their footprint.

Power critical business tasks

Be your users’ go-to tool for scenario modeling, carbon hotspot detection, forecasting, and planning. Prevent silos and fragmented data with integrated carbon metrics.

How does Atmoz work?

Map your carbon footprint

Atmoz instantly pulls the data from a company’s ERP or accounting system to calculate your Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon footprint.

Get a tailored action plan

No need to interpret data. Atmoz tells you what steps you need to take to hit your targets and where you can reduce emissions.

Offset your emissions

Use the built-in marketplace to invest in Gold Standard certified offsetting projects and mitigate those emissions that cannot be reduced internally.

Add carbon management to your platform in seconds

One-click implementation. Incorporate emission tracking into your clients’ monthly reporting and make it a real KPI for their business.

Make our platform your own

With the option to white-label, you can lead the charge and guide your users into this new era. Position your brand as a forward-thinker and show potential customers why they should choose you instead.

Made by CFOs for CFOs

We know exactly what your users need from a carbon management system and have designed it specifically for the requirements of SMEs.

Expert support you can count on

Our climate analysts have been assisting thousands of companies with carbon management for years. We’re always on top of new requirements and regulations to ensure Atmoz is keeping your users compliant.

No extra resources needed

Get support to co-create any marketing or sales content required, with prepackaged resources to easily suit your company’s needs.

“With just a simple click in their accounting system, the Atmoz climate report provides business owners with valuable insights on how to reduce their carbon footprint.“

Helene Struthers
Digitalisation Expert, Visma Spcs

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