Making carbon management accessible for all businesses

We’re on a mission to simplify decarbonisation, turn emissions into a core KPI,
and help every company transform their business for the better.

By creating impact at scale today, we build resilience for tomorrow

In the fight against climate change, every impact counts. But right now, mostly large businesses can afford to be mindful of their carbon footprint.

Atmoz began as a consulting firm, helping companies build complex, long-term climate strategies. But after two decades, our climate experts realised the only way we would see real change was to put the knowledge and tools in every business owner’s hands.

Our platform is designed to equip SMEs with everything they need to easily monitor, manage and mitigate their emissions – all through their existing ERP or accounting software platform.

Good for business
Good for the planet

We aim to speed up decarbonisation by making it both easy and financially attractive for companies. During our years of working with clients, we’ve seen how a smart emission reduction strategy can actually help to reduce costs, making it the perfect incentive for change.

We’ve designed Atmoz to deliver insights in real time so businesses can incorporate emissions into their regular reporting, track their progress, and understand the impact. Atmoz makes emissions a more tangible factor for businesses, encouraging greater strides towards net zero.

Founded by CFOs and
emissions experts

Our founding team has deep roots in the climate, tech, and finance sectors. Together, we’re working to build a solution that is more practical and accessible for companies so everyone can do their part.

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