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Boosting sustainability and profits: Carbon management advantages

While the Atmoz platform maps your footprint and takes care of reporting, our Bespoke service supports enterprises with complex value chains and companies who require more tailored solutions. We develop and execute customised strategies which allow your enterprise to leverage the benefits that carbon management offers.

Mitigate climate-related risks

Climate change has introduced numerous risks to operations, value chains, and key infrastructure.
Additionally, as businesses globally shift to decarbonisation, they must navigate potential challenges, from shifts in demand to the need for facility renovations.

Our experts will identify every climate-related risk that pertains to your business, and prepare a plan for effective management.

Position your company as a decarbonisation leader and win more business

Companies that focus on carbon management – and communicate the impact of their initiatives – win more tenders, earn the attention of investors, and build better brand loyalty.

Our marketing specialists have analysed climate communications from hundreds of companies, and know what resonates.Get recommendations for concrete, clear and impactful messages to consumers, employees, and investors.

“Since working with Atmoz, we’ve reduced our climate impact by 14%. While doing our calculations, we relied heavily on the Climate Analysts’ knowledge and commitment. We could never have done this on our own.”

Beate Hennessy
Sustainability Manager, Svedbergs

Areas of expertise

Support to map emissions, calculate your impact, and prepare your reporting.

Audit climate calculations and reports to ensure accuracy and compliance with relevant reporting guidelines.

Comprehensive survey of your business’ climate impact.

Full insight into the overall environmental impact of each product or service you offer. Carried out according to international standards for lifecycle analysis and climate calculation for products.

For companies who want to aim for net zero. Includes climate calculations, setting goals and a reduction strategy, choosing certified projects to offset emissions, audits, and reporting.

Strategic advice to cost-effectively reduce your climate impact. Set the right short and long-term targets, and put them into practice by getting staff, suppliers, and other stakeholders on board.

Support throughout the process of setting Science-Based Targets, including selecting a goal, choosing a framework and method, and getting approval.

Audit of communications in accordance with the Marketing Act, with recommendations on how to convey initiatives in a way that makes people pay attention.

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1,000+ happy clients (and counting)

We received a requirements specification from our investor asking for specific documents and information. We simply sent it on to the Atmoz team, who solved it for us without any complications.

Henrik Lissåker, CFO at Turn Energy

Atmoz has helped us formulate our requirements towards suppliers and how to request accurate data. It is important that we ask the right questions so that we get the correct information back. Atmoz has been a great help in this regard.

Peter Hildingsson, Quality and Environment at PropTech Sweden AB

Our project managers have gotten a lot of support from the Atmoz experts. It has made them feel more secure in communicating with customers about our climate work in a grounded and informed way.

Patrik Halvardsson, Quality and Environment at CarlGustav Solutions

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