Atmoz began with a simple idea:

Simplify decarbonization

So that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Atmoz offers a comprehensive range of carbon management services, from a fully automated calculation and offset tool, to bespoke climate consultancy. 

Everything to help you transform your business for the better.

Atmoz Technology

Impactful carbon management

Atmoz seamlessly integrates with your accounting system and, in seconds, collects the necessary data to show your carbon footprint – so you can focus on transforming your business for the better. Launching soon.

Atmoz Consulting

Bespoke climate consultancy

If you want to raise the bar even higher, our Climate Impact Specialists can help you devise a climate strategy adapted to your specific needs.

Atmoz Restore

Beyond value chain mitigation

While the global mechanism is called carbon offsetting, we help you take action fighting climate change by restoring the ecosystem and helping the world transition to renewable energy.

Step in to the sphere of Atmoz


Save time and money

With Atmoz, there are less barriers to becoming more sustainable. This saves time and money compared to other carbon accounting solutions that are much more labour intensive.


Stronger brand

With Atmoz, emission aspects are added to the business model. This is a competitive differentiator, strengthens the brand and keeps customers and employees happy.



With Atmoz, demands from legislation, customers and employees are met. A decarbonized product or service drives revenue and keeps a company current and compliant.



With Atmoz, a sustainable business model with lower emissions is attainable. This futureproofs the business and shows the path to long-term profitability.