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We offer a full spectrum of tools and services to manage your carbon emissions from start to finish, on one single platform.

Atmoz carbon management platform

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Atmoz Review
Map out your carbon impact.

With our platform’s carbon calculation tool, you can easily map out the climate effects of your business activities. Our platform integrates seamlessly with your accounting system and collects the necessary data to help you find excess carbon emissions hiding in your daily operations.

Atmoz Resolve
Gather actionable insights.

Creating an interactive and data-backed roadmap is the starting point for change. No matter where your ambitions lie, we help you interpret your data and find areas of improvement so you can devise a climate strategy suitable to your specific business needs.

Atmoz Restore
Offset your emissions.

It is only when you have proper clarity on your output that you can purposefully go on to eliminate your emissions. In our offsetting marketplace, you can cherry pick those initiatives you want to contribute to in order to restore balance to our ecosystem.

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