Real change requires
real-time emissions insights

Atmoz’ groundbreaking carbon management platform allows any business to calculate their carbon footprint in seconds — it’s the simplest way to report and take action.

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For software providers

Give your platform a competitive advantage with carbon management capabilities.

Add extra features to your premium plans and capture higher customer lifetime values.

Zero time or money spent on development for your end users.

For accounting firms

Add carbon management and reporting to your services.

Advise clients as they transition to a low-carbon business model.

Bring in more revenue and position your firm for a more sustainable future.

For small and medium businesses

Generate reports in seconds to easily meet compliance requirements.

Win more business and stakeholder support by reaching emissions targets.

No extra time, resources, or expertise needed.

How does Atmoz work?

Map your carbon footprint

Atmoz instantly pulls the data from a company’s ERP or accounting system to calculate your Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon footprint.

Get a tailored action plan

No need to interpret data. Atmoz tells you what steps you need to take to hit your targets and where you can reduce emissions.

Offset your emissions

Use the built-in marketplace to invest in Gold Standard certified offsetting projects and mitigate those emissions that cannot be reduced internally.

Onboarding in minutes

Calculate your emissions in seconds

Compatible with all ERP and accounting systems

Supported by decades of
carbon management expertise

Atmoz was built by emissions experts, CFOs, and tech gurus with one aim: to help companies transform their business and the planet for the better.


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