The wizards of Atmoz

Joel Nord

Chief Climate Analyst

Master’s degree in geography and further academic experience form a research project on environmental changes and beekeeping. Likes to ferment things, such as kombucha and sauerkraut. Superior at playing squash (if you ask him).

Malin Ahlbom

Climate Impact Analyst

Civil engineer with a master’s degree in chemical engineering for energy and environment. Fond of plants that match the interior, trying new hobbies and cooking home-picked and home-grown food. Her superskill is that she can perform the Dirty Dancing lift.

Sara Rydenstrand

Climate Impact Analyst

Master in environmental and health protection, former sustainability consultant. Loves being in nature and dreams of having a dog. Former gymnast with a penchant for crossfit-inspired sessions where you almost want to throw up.

Annelie Erlingstam

Climate Impact Analyst

Civil engineer with a master’s degree in environmental systems. Enjoys reading captivating books, running in nature, cooking and eating good food with good music in the background. Really (we mean really!) good on the tennis court.

David Lindén

LCA Expert

Civil engineer from KTH with extensive experience in life cycle analysis (LCA) and climate calculations. Enjoys playing tennis, golf and climbing. He is also natural talent on cross country skiis (yes, we call him Sporty Dave at the office).

Tilda Winter

Chief Marketing Officer

Double bachelor’s degree in market communication and psychology. Loves all forms of yoga, both to practice and to instruct. Combines a lively city life with a calmer pace on the countryside. Never says no to a dip in the ocean, despite season!

Lisen Edwardsson

Marketing Coordinator

Bachelor’s degree in fashion science with an expertise in sustainability. Former experience from marketing within the second hand clothing industry. Loves to arrange dinners with friends and dance lindy hop to the tunes of swinging jazz.

Christian Patay

CEO Consulting

Civil engineer from KTH with former experience as an environmental consultant. Working out and long-distance triathlons are a big passion, as well as having cozy family time on the countryside. Always ready with a good story to make the colleagues laugh!

Annika Skaaret

Marketing Coordinator (on parental leave)

Media and photography trained with a bachelor’s degree in international relations. Likes to paint, listens to horror podcasts and is interested in learning more about forestry. Has a dog and loves to talk about it.


Mood Manager

Bachelor in tennis ball-science, currently working on that master. Loves to get scratches from everyone around the office. Usually takes daily naps while snoring loudly in one of the corners.

Christian Wahlström


Tech leader with experience from many different roles as CIO, Management Consultant and Project Manager. Enjoy biking on and off road and spend time with family. Excited to help companies improve their businesses towards a more sustainable future.