The wizards of Atmoz

Joel Nord

Chief Climate Analyst

Master’s degree in geography and further academic experience from a research project on environmental changes and beekeeping. Likes to ferment things, such as kombucha and sauerkraut. Superior at playing squash (if you ask him).

tilda winter
Tilda Winter

Chief Marketing Officer

Double bachelor’s degree in market communication and psychology. Loves all forms of yoga, both to practice and to instruct. Combines a lively city life with a calmer pace out in the countryside. Never says no to a dip in the ocean, regardless of which season it is.

lisen edwardsson
Lisen Edwardsson

Marketing Coordinator

Bachelor’s degree in fashion science with an expertise in sustainability. Former experience from marketing within the second-hand clothing industry. Loves to arrange dinners with friends and dance lindy hop to the tunes of swinging jazz.

david lindén
David Lindén

LCA Expert

Civil engineer from KTH with extensive experience in life cycle analysis (LCA) and climate calculations. Enjoys playing tennis, golf and climbing. He is also natural talent on cross country skis (yes, we call him Sporty Dave at the office).

Annelie Erlingstam

Climate Impact Analyst

Civil engineer with a master’s degree in environmental systems. Enjoys reading captivating books, running out in nature, cooking and eating good food with good music in the background. Really (we mean really!) good on the tennis court.

Sara Rydenstrand

Climate Impact Analyst

Master in environmental and health protection, former sustainability consultant. Loves being in nature and dreams of having a dog. Former gymnast with a penchant for crossfit-inspired sessions where you almost want to throw up.

malin ahlbom
Malin Ahlbom

Climate Impact Analyst

Civil engineer with a master’s degree in chemical engineering for energy and environment. Fond of plants that match the interior, trying new hobbies and cooking home-picked and home-grown food. Her superskill is that she can perform the Dirty Dancing lift.

Annika Skaaret

Marketing Coordinator

Media and photography trained with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations. Likes to paint, listen to horror podcasts and is interested in forestry. Has a dog and loves to talk about it.


Mood Manager

Bachelor in tennis ball science, currently working on his master. Loves to get scratches from everyone at the office. Can usually be found in a corner taking his daily nap while snoring loudly.

Saba Sedin
Saba Sedin

Head of Customer Success

Almost a decade of experience within customer success in the fields of e-commerce, production and supply chain. Is a certified scuba diver and plays volleyball. When she is not out running on solar energy, she likes to play games of all sorts; board games, arcade games, outdoor games, you name it.

christian wahlström
Christian Wahlström

Chief Product Officer

Tech leader with a wealth of experience from many different roles such as CIO, Management Consultant and Project Manager. Enjoys biking on and off road and spending time with his family. Excited about helping companies improve their businesses towards a more sustainable future.

thomas didrel
Thomas Didrel

Head of Design

Trained in fine arts and ergonomics and has experience navigating B2B products and services into uncharted territories. He thrives in uncertainty and brings clarity and alignment by getting all perspectives together. After work, you can find him capturing portraits of people and trees or chilling in cold waters.

Richard Törnblom

Chairman of the Board & Chief Brand Officer

Fredrik Bentlinger

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Visionary leader on a mission to simplify decarbonization for all businesses through technology. Strong believer in the power of data and the power of execution. He believes that together we can create a sustainable future today, for tomorrow.


Stefan Anjou

Board Member & Strategic Tech Guru

Fredrik von der Esch

Chief Legal Officer & Board Secretary

Magnus Hoem

Chief Technology Officer

Masha Lazarevic

Head of People & Culture

Rebecka Arvidsson

Accounting & Finance

Henrik Rinaldo

Lead Technology Architect

Per Synnergård

Lead Developer Platform Solutions

Mattias Sundberg

Frontend Developer

Malin Andersson Caris

Comp & Ben Specialist