Atmoz began with a simple idea:

Simplify decarbonization

Our Story

Make it so effortless that you don’t need any learning or preparations, just one click to reduce your company’s climate impact.

And above all, make it so effective that it can help you increase revenue, strengthen the brand, use resources smarter, operate more efficiently and do better business.

So that’s exactly what we’ve done.


Simplify decarbonization

We believe all companies should have access to the necessary tools to easily monitor, manage and mitigate their climate impact.


Transform all businesses for the better

By simplifying decarbonization we help companies focus on transforming their businesses for the better.


Reduce the barriers to entry

We make carbon management available for all companies by eliminating the barriers in time, knowledge and price.

About us

The purpose of Atmoz AB is to manage the climate issue digitally, automatically and through system integrations for optimal scalability and climate benefits.

We are passionate about helping companies measure and reduce their carbon footprint and have helped thousands of businesses since 2006. 

Soon we are launching Atmoz Technology – our contribution to revolutionize carbon reporting and make it accessible to all companies.