Everything you need for
easy carbon management
and reporting


Prepare reports in seconds
Atmoz instantly pulls data from a company’s existing accounting actuals for easy access at any time.

Map out your total carbon footprint
Atmoz accurately calculates Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.

Compliant with GHG Protocol
Our reports are based on GHG Protocol, the main reporting standard used by companies globally.

Easy data for financial reporting
Show stakeholders how emissions have decreased over time and directly compare month-by-month.

Break down your carbon footprint by category
Know what areas contribute the most emissions. Get as granular as you need with 70+ categories.

Drill down into your climate impact
See impact per employee, revenue, and scope.

Identify the impact of each supplier
Know which suppliers contribute the most to your footprint to make more informed decisions – or seek low-carbon alternatives.

Compare against industry benchmark
We run the data against +10,000 comparable companies to give a comprehensive look at where you stand.

Customise and re-categorise data
Flexible and adaptable to your organisation’s needs without changing your accounting data.


Customisable action plans
Get recommended action items to help reduce emissions based on your data. Simply pick and choose to create an emission reduction plan.

See high-impact actions
Know which actions will have the biggest impact on your footprint so you can focus your energy where it matters.


Offset emissions
Use the built-in marketplace to offset remaining emissions. Atmoz pre-vets a range of Gold Standard certified projects, all you have to do is click.

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