Carbon management made simple. Exceed expectations
& embrace sustainability

Easily monitor and mitigate emissions with the carbon management platform made for SMEs. Meet regulatory demands, seamlessly build carbon management into your business strategy, and let customers cheer you on as you build a greener future.

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Automatically generate audit-ready reports

Satisfy your compliance requirements in seconds. No fines due to mistakes, or precious hours wasted doing the math. We even keep up with the latest regulation changes so you don’t have to.

Increase transparency and boost your bottom line

With easily shared real-time data, you can show suppliers, stakeholders, customers, and the public how you’re doing your part to help the planet and cut emissions each quarter.

Get started with a single click

Atmoz integrates with any accounting or ERP software. There’s nothing to set up or learn – you can start managing your emissions right away.

How does Atmoz work?

Map your carbon footprint

Atmoz instantly pulls the data from a company’s ERP or accounting system to calculate your Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon footprint.

Get a tailored action plan

No need to interpret data. Atmoz tells you what steps you need to take to hit your targets and where you can reduce emissions.

Offset your emissions

Use the built-in marketplace to invest in Gold Standard certified offsetting projects and mitigate those emissions that cannot be reduced internally.

Measure emissions from each business area and workflow, so you can pinpoint where you need to make changes.

See where you stand against your competitors with industry benchmarks.

Incorporate emission tracking into your monthly reporting and make it a real KPI for your business – not a box to tick.

“I am both impressed and surprised by the ease of use of the platform. The navigation is intuitive – with just one click I have a complete climate report and the possibility to explore further through a really good drill-down functionality.“

Tintti Dahlin
CEO, Natural Numbers

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