Become the carbon accounting experts that are needed today

Expand your service offering with Atmoz’ carbon management platform and top climate experts.

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Carbon management is the future. You can get started right now.

With stricter compliance laws and increasing stakeholder pressure, your clients need dedicated support when it comes to managing emissions and lowering their carbon footprint.

From training, advisory and reporting, firms can use Atmoz’ capabilities to leverage their existing infrastructure and data, and open up new revenue streams.

Atmoz is helping forward-thinking firms make the transition and stay relevant in this ever-changing market

With our leading carbon management platform and experts, you will be able to take advantage today and leave your competitors playing catch-up.

A turnkey solution, compatible with all systems that connects to your data in seconds.

A truly unique platform that empowers CFOs and accountants to automatically generate real-time reports – using your current ERP or accounting system.

How does Atmoz work?

Map your carbon footprint

Atmoz instantly pulls the data from a company’s ERP or accounting system to calculate your Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon footprint.

Get a tailored action plan

No need to interpret data. Atmoz tells you what steps you need to take to hit your targets and where you can reduce emissions.

Offset your emissions

Use the built-in marketplace to invest in Gold Standard certified offsetting projects and mitigate those emissions that cannot be reduced internally.

Actionable insights on managing emissions

Compatible with any accounting or ERP software

White-label solutions available

On-demand access to carbon and sustainability experts

Leverage our specialist team and launch your carbon management offering today – not years down the track.

With deep contextualised knowledge of your business and your clients’ industries, we bridge the gap and provide expert advice while you build your business.


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bespoke customers

“I am both impressed and surprised by the ease of use of the platform. It is a service that we can easily offer to our customers, making it a new source of income for us.“

Tintti Dahlin
CEO, Natural Numbers

How other firms are leveraging new service offerings with Atmoz

Compliance and regulations

Reporting and carbon accounting

Advisory on how to transition to a low-carbon business model

Why partner with Atmoz?

Atmoz was founded by CFOs, tech gurus and emission experts – we understand what your clients need in a carbon management program, and how to make reporting suit their requirements.

On-call team of dedicated carbon advisors, always ready to answer your questions.

Support with marketing or sales resources when required, white-labeled to your company’s needs if required.

Get advised on upcoming carbon accounting changes and how they will impact your clients.

No compromises on accuracy, all at a fraction of the cost compared to building an in-house team.

Join the Atmoz sphere

Get in touch to explore partnership opportunities and see how carbon management can become a new revenue stream.

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